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HortiDaily | Autonomous Growing – “The point isn’t to eliminate human labor, but to make the work easier for my employees”

Last week published an interview with Michael Del Ciancio from DC Farms Canada. More than 2 years ago, DC Farms was one of the early adopters of autonomous growing with Crop Controller in Canada. We’re very proud to support Michael in managing his greenhouse with AI. Michael is very much aware of the ins and outs of the greenhouse industry, and what the sector needs to be acknowledged. Read more in the interview with Michael.

Greenhouse Canada | Autonomous growing yields positive results in Ontario

greenhouse canada

Early March Greenhouse Canada published an article about autonomous growing in Ontario. Over the past two years, Ontario Greenhouse Vegetable Growers (OGVG) has been partnering with Blue Radix to test Crop Controller autonomous greenhouse management technology and the results are promising.
The project wrapped up in early 2023 and the growers are quite satisfied with the results. Niki Bennett, Innovation, Adaptation, and Plant Protection lead for the OGVG oversaw the project. She’s hopeful that more growers will adopt more autonomous technologies like Blue Radix’s Crop Controller. Read more in the interview with her and Ronald Hoek.

Interview Village Farms Fresh: Autonomous Growing

This week GreenTech published an article in which they interviewed two growers from Mexico and one from the US to talk about the developments that they believe will have the most impact in the coming years. Arie van der Giessen, Vice president and Regional Facility manager of Village Farms Fresh talks about his experience with Autonomous Growing with Crop Controller. Read his experience in this article.

Hortibiz Daily interview | Manage more hectares with autonomous growing

Hortibiz Daily News Editor Ece Polat talked with Blue Radix CEO and Co-Founder, Ronald Hoek, about the growth of the company and his vision on the use of AI in greenhouses. [MvR1] Ronald also explains why growers choose for autonomous growing and what the main differences are between data-driven and autonomous growing.

Full autonomous greenhouse production | article Commercial Greenhouse Grower UK

commercial greenhouse grower magazine

The Commercial Greenhouse Grower magazine from the United Kingdom published an 2,5 page article about Autonomous Growing in their August issue. The article highlights the capabilities of modern algorithms and computer systems to manage and control greenhouse environments. Rudolf de Vetten, Chief Product Officer at Blue Radix, Silke Hemming, Head scientific researchteam Greenhouse Technology of WUR and David Wallerstein Chief Exploration officer of Tencent, among others, talk about the developments of autonomous greenhouses. From execution of Autonomous Growing in commercial greenhouses to the Autonomous Greenhouse Challenges and new projects and research.

Onder Glas | Grower sets goal, model calculates required crop control and setpoints

In the January edition of the Dutch Onder Glas magazine an article on the completion of the TKI project ‘the road to digital green fingers’. Two seasons of research took place with an illuminated tomato crop (large trusses) in which first a sensor network was developed and eventually the climate was controlled with smart algorithms. In this article, Jan Hanemaaijer, Crop Advisor at Blue Radix, among others, talks more about his involvement and findings. Read the entire article via the link to the pdf of the article.

Onder Glas | Crop Manager Jack ‘t Hoen: ‘I couldn’t have done it better myself’

van den bosch autonomous growing

In the newsletter and website of Dutch media ‘Onder Glas’, Crop Manager Jack ‘t Hoen of Bosch growers was interviewed about autonomous growing with Crop Controller. Since last summer, Bosch Growers in Bleiswijk, the Netherlands, are controlling their cultivation in one department by autonomous growing software during the day. Crop Manager Jack ‘t Hoen tells that the algorithms work so well that today the switch was made to fully autonomous control 24/7. He has every confidence in it. “The results are continuously on the line that was set out. I couldn’t have done better myself.”

Groenten & Fruit Magazine | ‘AI makes greenhouse horticulture smarter’

AI autonomous growing Ronald Hoek

Dutch Groenten & Fruit Magazine and published an interview with Ronald Hoek in mid-January about the entry of AI into greenhouse horticulture. What does the future look like? What is the role of the grower in autonomous growing and why do growers choose this? Read more in the summary of the interview.

Kas Magazine | Great career start at Blue Radix

kas magazine blue radix

In a special December edition of KAS Magazine with the theme working & learning, 42 employees from the Dutch horticulture sector talk about their work, ambitions and the importance of education. Tom and Danny of Blue Radix are also interviewed in the magazine as they started as trainees at Blue Radix and are now employees. They explain more about their internship, jobs, the great start of their careers at our company and also about the learning opportunities.