Onder Glas | Grower sets goal, model calculates required crop control and setpoints

In the January edition of the Dutch Onder Glas magazine an article on the completion of the TKI project ‘the road to digital green fingers’. Two seasons of research took place with an illuminated tomato crop (large trusses) in which first a sensor network was developed and eventually the climate was controlled with smart algorithms. In this article, Jan Hanemaaijer, Crop Advisor at Blue Radix, among others, talks more about his involvement and findings. Read the entire article via the link to the pdf of the article.

Onder Glas | Crop Manager Jack ‘t Hoen: ‘I couldn’t have done it better myself’

van den bosch autonomous growing

In the newsletter and website of Dutch media ‘Onder Glas’, Crop Manager Jack ‘t Hoen of Bosch growers was interviewed about autonomous growing with Crop Controller. Since last summer, Bosch Growers in Bleiswijk, the Netherlands, are controlling their cultivation in one department by autonomous growing software during the day. Crop Manager Jack ‘t Hoen tells that the algorithms work so well that today the switch was made to fully autonomous control 24/7. He has every confidence in it. “The results are continuously on the line that was set out. I couldn’t have done better myself.”

Groenten & Fruit Magazine | ‘AI makes greenhouse horticulture smarter’

AI autonomous growing Ronald Hoek

Dutch Groenten & Fruit Magazine and GFactueel.nl published an interview with Ronald Hoek in mid-January about the entry of AI into greenhouse horticulture. What does the future look like? What is the role of the grower in autonomous growing and why do growers choose this? Read more in the summary of the interview.

Kas Magazine | Great career start at Blue Radix

kas magazine blue radix

In a special December edition of KAS Magazine with the theme working & learning, 42 employees from the Dutch horticulture sector talk about their work, ambitions and the importance of education. Tom and Danny of Blue Radix are also interviewed in the magazine as they started as trainees at Blue Radix and are now employees. They explain more about their internship, jobs, the great start of their careers at our company and also about the learning opportunities.

Onder Glas Magazine | My smart, virtual colleague

onder glas crop controller autonomous growing

In the November issue of Dutch Onder Glas Magazine, Maikel van den Berg of MR Seeds wrote a column about autonomous growing with Crop Controller. He describes how the autonomous implementation of his crop strategy has given him a new smart virtual colleague in the greenhouse. Read more about his experiences in the summery.

Greenhouse Canada Magazine | The best in greenhouse technology

In the November issue of Greenhouse Canada magazine a close look at the Greenhouse Technology Awards that made their debut at the Canadian Greenhouse Conference this year. The article decribes the three winners and one honourable mention. Blue Radix’ Crop Controller is the proud winner in the category International. Read more about of what Crop Controller does and what the winning areas were.

The autonomous greenhouse, the one, every grower is talking about

In the July edition of Floraculture International Magazine, Ronald Hoek, CEO of Blue Radix is interviewed about autonomous growing with Crop Controller. Getting the best from your crop will in future become more the computer’s responsibility as autonomous growing looks set to relieve producers of some of the day-to-day decisions about steering the greenhouse climate, the article states.

IN GREENHOUSES Magazine | Autonomous crop management systems developing rapidly

Autonomous growing is undergoing rapid development. That is one of the conclusions of this article in the May issue of the international ‘In Greenhouses’ Magazine. Four Dutch parties who are at the forefront in this field share their experiences. On behalf of Blue Radix, Rudolf de Vetten, Chief Product Officer, shares his vision and expectations.

The green expertise of Blue Radix

Blue Radix supports horticultural entrepreneurs in controlling their greenhouses with its Crop Controller service for autonomous growing – not just using software and smart algorithms, but also drawing on the expertise of its own advisors on crops, energy and data. Crop Advisor Jan Hanemaaijer and Autonomous Greenhouse Manager Geert van der Wel introduce themselves.

FORBES | Blue Radix included in 2021 Indoor AGtech landscape

We are proud to be part of the 2021 Indoor AgTech Landscape and to be mentioned on the website of Forbes. “Emerging commercialized autonomous growing innovations, such as the Blue Radix Crop Controller, promise to extend and enhance the reach of available grower expertise, particularly in large and multi-site operations.”