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Learn more on how integrated Autonomous Climate & Irrigation Control reduces 80% of climate computer work for growers

Rethink your daily greenhouse activities

Imagine no more late-night checks and more weekends off, creating a fulfilling and sustainable working environment. Discover how Autonomous Growing can revolutionize your daily operations and elevate your business.

By embracing Autonomous Growing, you automate routine tasks, enhance efficiency, and free up valuable time for essential activities. This leads to better yields, optimized resource use, and a more balanced work-life for growers.

Autonomous Control with Crop Controller

Crop Controller is an advanced AI-driven system designed to Autonomously optimize and control climate and irrigation in greenhouses, on your behalf.

By integrating seamlessly with existing equipment, it optimizes daily operations, translating your unique crop strategy into precise actions.

We reduce the need for constant manual adjustments, ensuring consistent optimal conditions for your crops. With Crop Controller, you can manage more hectares with less effort, achieving higher yields and better resource efficiency while maintaining control and oversight.

Efficient Continuity

Reducing the climate computer tasks for growers by 80%, freeing up time to focus on strategic decision-making and nurturing crops.

Increased Profitability

Delivering a 5% increase in profit and a 7% improvement in yield.

Resource Optimization

Reducing water and fertilizer usage by 10% and energy consumption by 15%.

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How Crop Controller works

Crop Controller represents a new approach to daily greenhouse management, moving beyond dashboards and reporting tools. It offers full decision automation, allowing growers to achieve optimal results without constant manual intervention.

By integrating climate and irrigation control, Crop Controller streamlines operations and maximizes efficiency, setting a positive new standard for growing crops.

Optimizing Your Unique Crop Strategy

Your unique crop strategy is the starting point of Autonomous Growing with Crop Controller. Strategy Optimizer, within Crop Controller, enables you to create an improved data-driven crop and scenario planning for the whole cultivation and track crop development.

Data Processing
with AI

Throughout the growth period, AI continuously uses all available data from greenhouse sensors, climate boxes, and meteo-data providers to forecast and optimize the climate and irrigation according to the crop strategy.

Calculating Climate and Irrigation Setpoints

Crop Controller handles execution by calculating climate and irrigation profiles every hour for 3 days ahead on a 5-minute levels. This ensures optimal temperature, radiation, and humidity while maintaining perfect water content levels, drainage, EC, and PH-levels for the full crop cycle.

Autonomous Climate Computer Control

Setpoints for all relevant installations are also calculated on a 5-minute level and sent to the climate computer without human interference. Growers can reduce climate computer work by an impressive 80%.

Autonomous Steering of Installations

Crop Controller autonomously steers the climate and irrigation installations very precise via the climate computer to achieve the targets defined by the grower.

Optimize and
Execute Loop

Connected sensors and slab scales measure climate and root zone conditions. These measurements are input for the continuous, autonomous ‘optimize-and-execute loop,’ ensuring and maintaining optimal plant conditions in the most cost-efficient way.

Impact of Integrated Autonomous Climate & Irrigation Control​

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Water & Fertilizer
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AI with a human touch

AI delivers the most optimal value when it’s smartly combined with a human touch. Therefore, our service Crop Controller comes with the support of off-site, skilled Autonomous Greenhouse Managers for:

  • Guiding you from kick-off towards autonomous growing
  • Helping you to structure a data driven crop strategy
  • Monitoring Crop Controller’s progress, forecasts and results 24/7 on your behalf
  • Frequent online alignment and contact

Crop Controller is trusted by growers around the world

Who benefits from Crop Controller

A Win-Win for Team and Company


  • Crop Controller works for  you 24/7, allowing you to manage 4 times more hectares while staying in control. 
  • Experience 80% less climate computer work, giving you more time in the greenhouse while your unique crop strategy is executed autonomously.
  • Enjoy peace of mind knowing your crop is in good hands. Your Autonomous Greenhouse Manager monitors greenhouse data on your behalf.
  • Improve work-life balance, with no checks required during evenings and weekends off.

Greenhouse Owners

  • Sustainable scaling: Growers can manage more while using less resources.
  • Company benefits: 5% profit increase, 7% yield improvement, 10% less water and fertilizer usage, and 15% energy savings.
  • More efficiency and continuity: Growers reduce climate computer work by 80%, freeing up time for other tasks and improving overall company efficiency.
  • Improve work-life balance and general satisfaction of employees.

You can be up-and-running in 4 weeks

Currently active in 15 countries across 4 continents, Crop Controller is designed to thrive in diverse climatic conditions, making it a truly global solution.

Data protection Blue Radix

Data & Integrations

Blue Radix collaborates closely with partners in your greenhouse ecosystem to ensure seamless integration and operation.

Crop Controller is compatible with glass and plastic greenhouses, working efficiently with main-brand climate computers, existing slab scales, and irrigation sensors for vegetable crops.

We prioritize the security of your data, ensuring it is used solely for your benefit.

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