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Blue Radix creates automated intelligence for almost all daily decisions and actions in greenhouses. The world population is growing rapidly, and our planet lacks the resources to feed everyone in the traditional way. Greenhouses offer an efficient way to produce food and flowers in a sustainable manner. But the number of people with expertise of growing crops in greenhouses is declining every year. At the same time, energy management is increasing in complexity.

We offer solutions for these worldwide challenges. Our algorithm based solutions offer growers a digital brain for their greenhouse. We believe that algorithms can actually feed the world! And growers can optimize their greenhouse climate, reduce their water and energy usage and limit their operational risks and their ecological footprint.

Our data platform and services have been developed in close collaboration with Microsoft.

A number of Blue Radix colleagues have gained a lot of experience with the application of A.I. around energy services at AgroEnergy.
AgroEnergy is one of the marketleaders in offering  energy & smart energy solutions to greenhouses in the Netherlands.

We make greenhouse operations scalable to grow and manage more hectares

We make greenhouse operations scalable to grow and manage more hectares

Beyond human capacity

Many companies provide data insight tools for growers, supplying them with dashboards, alerts and digital advice. However, growers still need to assess the advice themselves and perform the correct actions. We take it to the next level and offer solutions that are beyond human capacity. Algorithms really understand the strategy of the grower and perform actions fully autonomously. Only then will the grower be able to increase the span of control and make the company less dependent on the availability of human expertise.

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Data security is key

Security and privacy are incorporated in all decisions we make:   

Data ownership

Data you share with us is only used for the purpose we agreed together. Whether it is personal data or company data. This means:

You can therefore be sure that you are the one that benefits from the value of your data.


We recognize the importance of security for our customers and partners. Company data is a valuable asset, it is part of your competitive advantage. To secure data, we only use best-in-class technology for our full software stack. Regular updates, security audits and security training are standard procedures for us.


The European Union has the most stringent privacy laws. We are fully committed to complying with these regulations. Do you want to know the details? Read our Privacy & Data Statement.

Our team

The Blue Radix team has many years of experience in developing data-driven solutions in the horticulture market. All our team members have a passion for bringing innovation to growers across the world to give them access to world-class crop and energy expertise.

Ronald Hoek
Chief Executive Officer

+31 6  55 89 20 77

Rudolf de Vetten
Chief Product Officer

+31 6 54 30 25 88

Laurens van der Spek
Chief Operations Officer

+31 6 21 69 97 84

Jan Hanemaaijer
Crop Advisor

+31 6 14 61 67 56

Geert van der Wel
Autonomous Greenhouse Manager

+31 6 34 59 45 16

Marijke van Rongen
Manager Marketing & Communications      

+31 6 53 43 38 39        

Peter Goudswaard
Product Developer    


Britta Meixner 
Senior Data Engineer

    Lars Geraets   
Data Engineer

Saheli De
Data Scientist

Louis Broekhuijsen
Data Engineer

Gosia Piekarska
Test Engineer  

Jeroen van der Linde   
Technical Support Specialist

Geerten Weening
Application developer & Tech lead