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Algorithm-based solutions for greenhouses worldwide

Blue Radix Wins the GreenTech Innovation Award 2024

Winning the Greentech Innovation Award is a testament to the transformative potential of Crop Controller.

The system reduces climate computer work by 80%, enabling growers to manage up to four times more hectares and improving the work-life balance.

Enabling sustainable growth in global horticulture

As the world’s population grows, so does the demand for healthy food. However, the greenhouse horticulture industry faces challenges due to a shortage of crop experts. 

Blue Radix addresses these global challenges by empowering growers with algorithm-based solutions, providing them with a digital brain for their greenhouse.

Steering Innovation

Driving change in greenhouse operations with AI solutions

Blue Radix is the specialist and market leader in Autonomous Growing. We create automated intelligence for almost all daily decisions and actions in greenhouses.

With Crop Controller, growers are able to optimize and realize their unique crop strategy with the support of AI.

Crop Controller is trusted by growers around the world

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Elevating Greenhouse Operations

The impact of Crop Controller

Crop Controller, Blue Radix’s flagship AI solution, transforms greenhouse operations. 

Our algorithm-based solution optimizes and realizes your unique crop strategy autonomously, managing up to four times more hectares, increasing operational profit whilst lowering usage of resources.

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AI adds to appeal of horticultural jobs among young people

With three sites covering 66 hectares of tomatoes in the Netherlands, RedStar is a major player in the tomato sector. To ensure it is all properly managed, RedStar has for years been investing in innovative solutions that make greenhouse operations easier and more efficient, as they have with Autonomous Greenhouse Management.

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Blue Radix nominated for the GreenTech Innovation Award 

Out of an incredible list of over 40 awards submissions from around the world, Blue Radix is among the selected group of 3 nominees for this year’s innovation award. 

This nomination recognizes the groundbreaking innovation of our Autonomous Irrigation Control, a key component of Crop Controller, which is now fully integrated with our known and proven Autonomous Climate Control.

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