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Do you experience challenges with operating all those acres? Feel like you can reduce those unnecessary mistakes but you lack time? Autonomous Growing with Crop Controller can successfully address these challenges. Blue Radix optimizes and controls the climate in greenhouses, entirely autonomously, and always with the grower’s crop strategy as the starting point. Not in a test environment, but in fully-fledged production greenhouses of leading growers. Are you a grower or greenhouse owner and interested to learn more about the benefits for your greenhouse? Fill out the form on the right and we’ll tell you more in a 1-on-1 online demo. 

Our online demos are meant for growers and/or greenhouse owners. We can also arrange  sessions for your (greenhouse) team or larger groups.

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Benefits Crop Controller
Without any new hardware or big investments you can:

  • Manage up to 4 times more hectares per grower
  • Get higher operational profit up to 10% whilst 5% lower usage of resources
  • Secure your crop knowledge

With continous monitoring & support by an off-site Autonomous Greenhouse Manager!

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