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Autonomous Energy Control

Optimize your energy installations continuously

Do you want to track, predict and lower your energy costs? With a minimal effort. The Blue Radix Energy Controller software helps you manage and optimize your energy installations continuously, so that your crop has the heat, CO2 and light it needs.

Introducing the Energy Controller

The Energy Controller predicts the energy demand of your greenhouse based on big data for four days ahead. With smart data models, we combine energy usage, your strategy, weather predictions and energy prices. The result? Full control of your energy costs and direct insight into the energy forecasts for the coming days.

The Energy Controller was developed in close cooperation with Dutch growers and is used in hundreds of large-scale greenhouses, including greenhouse clusters with shared energy installations.

For the Dutch market we cooperate with AgroEnergy.

Benefits of the Energy Controller:


Save money and time.


More time for other tasks and fewer risks.


Heat, CO2 and light at lowest costs.


Active support by an Energy Operator.


Insight via advanced dashboard.

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