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Noordhuys Tomatoes

A CEO's Perspective - Optimizing Yield and Efficiency with AI

General information

Country Netherlands
Crop Tomatoes
Climate computer Priva

Theo van Noord, CEO of Noordhuys Tomatoes, is leading the charge in transforming crop cultivation through the adoption of cutting-edge AI technology. With Blue Radix’s Crop Controller, Noordhuys Tomatoes has undergone a remarkable evolution in both yield and operational efficiency.

Operating across multiple growing locations in the Netherlands, Noordhuys Tomatoes harnesses the power of AI to process vast amounts of data, enabling the implementation of precise and optimized strategies in crop management.

Van Noord asserts, “AI solutions can store and process more information and data than a human. With this data, AI can make the best possible decision for the crop.

A person is limited in processing information and therefore makes a decision with less complete information compared to AI solutions.”

Theo van Noord
CEO | Noordhuys Tomatoes

Experience and added value

This innovative approach not only allows their growers to effectively manage larger areas but also liberates valuable time for the pursuit of other critical tasks within the operation. Van Noord highlights how the system has significantly reduced error margins, leading to enhanced grow management practices and a marked increase in overall production yields. “The system helps our growers to manage more area than before. This is possible because AI ensures that the climate is controlled at least as well as a specialist can do this. The grower also has more time for other tasks, allowing the company to work more efficiently.”

By fully embracing the principles of Autonomous Growing, Noordhuys Tomatoes has not only achieved elevated levels of crop productivity but has also positioned itself as a pioneer in the industry, poised for sustained growth and innovation in the years to come. Van Noord concludes, “Autonomous growing also realizes even better results in terms of yield. Based on more information, fewer mistakes are made which helps the crop specialist to have better grow management of the crop. Production increases more and more.”