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Article The Commercial Greenhouse Grower Magazine, August 2022

The Commercial Greenhouse Grower magazine from the United Kingdom published an 2,5 page article about Autonomous Growing in their August issue. The article highlights the capabilities of modern algorithms and computer systems to manage and control greenhouse environments. Rudolf de Vetten, Chief Product Officer at Blue Radix, Silke Hemming, Head scientific researchteam Greenhouse Technology of Wageningen University & Research (WUR) and David Wallerstein Chief Exploration officer of Tencent, among others, talk about the developments of autonomous greenhouses. From execution of Autonomous Growing in commercial greenhouses to the Autonomous Greenhouse Challenges and new projects and research.

Rudolf points out in the article that many areas of greenhouse crop production are already automated. He explains that the Blue Radix team has been part of AgroEnergy, for which they have developed a solution that runs the energy installations of 150 greenhouses autonomously. Blue Radix also has an implementable solution for climate and irrigation management and has more than 20 connected greenhouses divided over nine countries for which they autonomously control the climate.

Adapt to market conditions
The use of AI combined with plant physiology is also of great importance for the grower, says the article. Growers achieve higher yields, enabling them to be more profitable and sustainable. Rudolf enphazises the importance for growers to follow their own crop strategy and enable them to adapt to local circumstances, like market conditions or energy costs, so they can, in these cases, also run their greenhouse autonomously. How? You can read more in the article.

Read the full article here.