Vine Fresh Acres

Experience | Autonomous Growing with Crop Controller

General information

Country Canada
Crop Cucumber
Hectares 13,8

Vine Fresh acres in Leamington, Ontario, grows high wire cucumbers that are sold under the Nature Fresh Farms brand. Head grower and operations manager Jake Neufeld of Vine Fresh Acres has been working with Crop Controller since 2021.


Jake and Pete Vine Fresh

Crop Controller is doing exactly what we thought it was going to do. We’re steering fully autonomous more than 95% of the time. The crop looks good, no issues. Zones that are being steered show less mildew. We like what we see and we want more of it. Autonomous growing with Crop Controller makes life easier, adding value to it.”

Jake Knelsen & Pete Neufeld
Grower & Head Grower

Experience and added value

Jake and Pete autonomous growers
Vine Fresh autonomous growing