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We’re thrilled to announce that Blue Radix’s Crop Controller has been nominated for the prestigious GreenTech Innovation Award 2024. Out of an incredible list of over 40 awards submissions from around the world, Blue Radix is among the selected group of 3 nominees for this year’s innovation award. 

This nomination recognizes the groundbreaking innovation of our Autonomous Irrigation Control, a key component of Crop Controller, which is now fully integrated with our known and proven Autonomous Climate Control

At Blue Radix, our mission is clear: contribute to the resilience, profitability, and sustainability of horticulture worldwide with the application of AI. Our latest innovation, the integration of Autonomous Climate and Irrigation Control, represents a significant step towards achieving this goal. 

Reducing 80% of climate computer work 

Imagine a greenhouse where climate and irrigation are managed seamlessly and autonomously, with precision and efficiency. That’s exactly what our Crop Controller offers. By integrating advanced AI technology, Crop Controller revolutionizes daily greenhouse management, reducing climate-computer work for growers by an impressive 80%. 

Crop Controller represents a new approach to greenhouse management, moving beyond dashboards and reporting tools. It provides full decision automation, empowering growers to achieve optimal results without the need for constant manual intervention. By integrating climate and irrigation control, Crop Controller streamlines operations and maximizes efficiency, setting a new standard for autonomous growing solutions. 

What does this mean for growers?

It means more than just increased profitability and improved yield. It means peace of mind. With Crop Controller, growers can focus on what they do best – nurturing their crops. 

With proven success at over 70 production locations worldwide, Crop Controller has earned the trust of growers. Its ability to tailor results to each grower’s unique needs ensures consistent, predictable results, no matter the location or crop strategy. 

And to add, Crop Controller has a direct effect on promoting sustainability. By optimizing resource usage and reducing environmental impact, it contributes to multiple sustainability goals.  

Did you know: with Crop Controller, energy usage is lowered by 15%. And water & fertilizer usage is lowered by 10%. 

Stay  tuned

As we await the results of the GreenTech Innovation Award 2024 on June 11th, we are grateful for the opportunity to be recognized for our efforts in advancing greenhouse management. Our work is far from over, and we remain committed to keep pushing, and driving positive change in the industry. 

Thank you to our customers and partners for their support and trust, and stay tuned for more updates