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11 - 13 June, RAI Amsterdam

Let’s meet at GreenTech Amsterdam

Find us at booth 01.245

Blue Radix Wins the GreenTech Innovation Award 2024

Winning the Greentech Innovation Award is a testament to the transformative potential of Crop Controller.

The system reduces climate computer work by 80%, enabling growers to manage up to four times more hectares and improving the work-life balance.

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Integrated Autonomous Climate & Irrigation Control

Revolutionizing daily greenhouse management

The impact of Integrated Autonomous Climate & Irrigation Control by Crop Controller
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Blue Radix is delighted to be Thought Leader of GreenTech Amsterdam

What to Expect

Visit our booth 01.245, we’d love to talk you about:

  • Our new market introduction: 
    Integrated Autonomous Climate & Irrigation control
  • Your daily challenges in the greenhouse and how we can help you
  • The value of AI for the greenhouse horticulture industry.
  • Crop Controller in practice and how Autonomous Growing works.
  • Experiences from growers worldwide in a lot of different climate zones.
  • The significant added value of Crop Controller for yield, resource & profit improvement and reducing 80% of the climate computer work.
  • The personal guidance from our Autonomous Greenhouse Managers.

Vision Stage

When: Wednesday June 12th
Time: 11.00 -11.45 hrs
Who: Ronald Hoek, Rudolf de Vetten, and Arie van der Giessen
Moderator: Henry Gordon Smith

A new era in Autonomous Growing: integrated climate and irrigation control

Profitable and sustainable growing is a challenge. It requires knowledge of climate, irrigation, and energy control.

Realizing and continuously optimizing your crop strategy is a precise and time-consuming job. Weather changes and small errors can have a large effect on the crop.

But not anymore… Blue Radix introduces the next revolution in greenhouse horticulture. We complete Autonomous Growing by introducing Autonomous Irrigation Control and fully integrating it with Autonomous Climate Control through Crop Controller.

In this session, you’ll gain insights into its functionality while hearing firsthand from grower Arie van der Giessen, Village Farms USA, about his experiences with Autonomous Growing and the benefits it brings to the company. And of course, you will be able to ask questions afterwards.

Our Speakers

Ronald Hoek
Blue Radix
Chief Executive Officer
Rudolf de Vetten
Blue Radix
Chief Product Officer
Arie van der Giessen
Village Farms
Vice President Regional Facility Manager – USA