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How innovations in technology are making the complicated simple and profitable. Greenhouse Canada Magazine January 2021.

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There is an ever-growing demand for experienced greenhouse growers – and a concurrent need to control an increasingly extensive area due to increased scale of operations. As global populations continue to grow and the need to feed more mouths expands apace, greenhouses are the perfect solution. But who will operate these greenhouses? Enter artificial intelligence (AI), and the computing power that comes with it. Data and algorithms are being used to improve growing operations, says the CEO of Blue Radix, Ronald Hoek. “You can actually translate the growth of a tomato plant into data points, and use that information to optimize its development.”

Algorithm-based solutions offer growers a digital brain for their greenhouse. According to Hoek, he believes that algorithms can feed the world, allowing growers to optimize their greenhouse climate, reduce their water and energy usage and limit their operational risks and their ecological footprint. And by drawing on the expertise from a wide range of experts and growers, algorithms can be generated that will optimize growth and yield for greenhouse growers. “Algorithms can also make use of experience, tools and solutions from different expert companies.”

You can read the 3 page article here.