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Van Gog Kwekerijen

A CEO’s Perspective - Empowering Growers and Scaling Production

General information

Country Netherlands
Crop Cucumber
Climate computer Priva

Marion van Gog, esteemed CEO of Van Gog Kwekerijen, recognizes the paramount importance of embracing Autonomous Growing practices to drive the expansion of production capabilities while simultaneously prioritizing the well-being and professional development of their valued growers. Leveraging the innovative capabilities of Blue Radix’s advanced AI system, Van Gog Kwekerijen has empowered its dedicated workforce to effectively manage larger crop areas, thereby fostering a substantial increase in operational efficiency and facilitating a more harmonious work-life balance for all team members.

By seamlessly integrating Crop Controller into their operations, Van Gog Kwekerijen has successfully alleviated the workload burden on their specialized personnel, affording them the opportunity for occasional respite and well-deserved breaks from the demands of their roles.

Van Gog explains, “Thanks to Blue Radix’s Autonomous Growing system, our growers can occasionally go home an hour earlier or take a weekend off. Overall, we can reduce the burden on our specialists, while they can now manage 20 hectares instead of 5 hectares. A win-win for the employees and the company.”

Marion van Gog
CEO | Van Gog Kwekerijen

Experience and added value

This strategic approach not only serves to enhance overall employee satisfaction levels but also contributes to the retention of highly skilled workers within a fiercely competitive labor market landscape. Van Gog emphasizes the enthusiastic reception of AI technologies among their workforce, stating, “We also explicitly involve our employees in these changes and we see that they enjoy working in this new way. They do not see Artificial Intelligence as a threat, but rather as a support that only makes work more pleasant.”

This cultural shift, coupled with the tangible benefits of heightened productivity and streamlined workflow processes, firmly positions Van Gog Kwekerijen as an industry trailblazer, poised for sustained success and continued innovation on the global stage. Van Gog envisions a future where, “One person can be responsible for more hectares. Repetitive tasks and analysis of data by employees will decrease and the system ensures fewer mistakes are made. Yield results will improve even more.”