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Article IN GREENHOUSES magazine: ‘ We can already see the benefits for greenhouse growers’

Autonomous growing is undergoing rapid development. That is one of the conclusions of this article in the May issue of the international ‘In Greenhouses’ Magazine. Four Dutch parties who are at the forefront in this field share their experiences. On behalf of Blue Radix, Rudolf de Vetten, Chief Product Officer, shares his vision and expectations.

In short
Current growing methods need to be actively managed by growers. Human decisions are labor-intensive and a prone to errors. Smart algorithms developed based on crop-specific growth models don’t have these limitations tells Rudolf. You just need to feed the algorithm with the right crop expertise based on the variety and the crop strategy and with up-to-date climate and crop performance data.

For seven years now, we have been feeding expertise into our algorithms, explains Rudolf.

He also discusses the operating result of the entrepreneur. This is not only determined by crop yields but also by various cost factors. The algorithms in our Crop Controller service are geared to this.

In addition, Blue Radix is not tied to existing products, services, data platforms or other grower installation partners. The customer can get it the way they want it and retain ownership of their greenhouse data. That independence is greatly appreciated by growers. They only pay for our technology and service that we offer through a cloud service. This is easy to scale up.

Want to know more? Read the full article of In Greenhouses (PDF).