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HortiDaily article | Autonomous Growing: “The point isn’t to eliminate human labor, but to make the work easier for my employees” 
Last week published an interview with Michael Del Ciancio from DC Farms Canada. More than 2 years ago, DC Farms was one of the early adopters of autonomous growing with Crop Controller in Canada. We’re very proud to support Michael in managing his greenhouse with AI. Michael is very much aware of the ins and outs of the greenhouse industry, and what the sector needs to be acknowledged: “The internet has been flooded with illustrations, and even videos created by AI. While some people are concerned that may cost them their job, growers are very much looking forward to the infamous autonomous growing. Autonomous growing will take patience, but offers many opportunities to increase a greenhouse productivity and efficiency, not only in terms of energy and cultivation fine-tuning but also in terms of crop protection.” 
Read more in the interview with Michael via the link below.