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Jungle Talks at the GreenTech                                
Radio and podcast special on the sustainable and efficient production of healthy food!

During GreenTech Amsterdam, Jungle Talks has, in close cooperation with Holland Hortimedia, recorded a special radio program and podcasts on sustainability in horticulture and the future of food which will be broadcast by Paprika Tasty Radio on October 5 at 16.00 hrs CET!

By 2050, the earth will have 2 billion extra inhabitants. At the same time, major parts of the world will face droughts and water shortages, which will highly impact regional food security. We need to find an answer on how to feed the world without harming the planet.

Greenhouses can play an important role in providing for this increasing demand for safe, healthy and sufficiently produced food. Greenhouse acreage is steadily increasing, but there are not enough growers to operate them. This problem will only increase in the coming years. Can smart, autonomous, steering algorithms provide solid solutions? Not only in developed markets, but all over the world? And how do we communicate the power of technology and innovation to the consumer? Are they ready for this new era in food production? How do we (re)connect to society?

Presenter Ed Smit and co-host Frederik Vossenaar, special envoy at the Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality discuss opportunities, new technologies and innovations with Ronald Hoek, CEO of Blue Radix and Art van Rijn, CEO of Artechno.

‘Jungle Talks at the GreenTech’ is powered by Holland Horti Media & Paprika Tasty Radio and supported by Netherlands Agricultural Network.

This GreenTech special will be broadcast on October 5, 16.00 hrs CET via Following the radio broadcast, this special will also be available for download as podcast from Open Spotify via this link: