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BLOG | Changing habits: unlocking new value 

Ronald Hoek - Are you ready for change?

Practical changes only work when they deliver real noticeable value. There are no shortcuts when it comes to changing workplace habits.The question for growers and greenhouse operators continues to pop up: can you rely on what’s new and different? Can you let go of the steering wheel of daily processes while embracing new technology?

BLOG | Five lessons learned during five years of Autonomous Growing

Rudolf de Vetten, CPO Blue Radix

It is exactly five years ago that five international teams had the opportunity to deliver a unique achievement in Bleiswijk during the very first Autonomous Greenhouse Challenge: remotely controlling a greenhouse without entering the greenhouse. What everyone thought would take years suddenly turned out to be possible. Five successful crops were delivered, in some cases with a better cultivation result than achieved by the growers who implemented classic climate control. Fast forward to 2023. We are now five years further. Time moves fast. What happened during that time, and what did we learn about Autonomous Growing within Blue Radix? We would like to share these five lessons!

Blog | It’s your data, your property!

Rudolf de Vetten, Blue Radix

Who’s actually owner of greenhouse data? A very logical question that many growers ask us when they get started with autonomous growing by Crop Controller. In this, Blue Radix makes no concessions whatsoever. The data is and remains the grower’s! The data of the growers’ crop strategy is the DNA of the company and this is also how they strengthen their competitive position in the market. Read more in the blog of Rudolf de Vetten, CPO of Blue Radix, about the different business models and what agreements growers can make to benefit of the worth of their data.

Blog | Energy crisis: anticipating with algorithms

Rudolf de Vetten, CPO Blue Radix

Many companies have been hit hard by the soaring energy prices caused by the war in Ukraine and the energy transition. This requires continuous consideration of crop data, weather data and costs. Rudolf de Vetten describes in his blog how algorithms are able to make these trade-offs continuously and perform the right actions 24/7. This way growers can achieve optimal control of the climate much more precisely per department, resulting in significantly less energy waste.

Blog ‘ Who decides?’

Algorithms determine our daily lives increasingly: they guide your choice of music, interests, the job vacancies you see and what you order for dinner. It’s all very convenient, but is it desirable? In the blog of Rudolf de Vetten, Chief Product Officer, he explains the way in which Blue Radix uses the algorithms. That’s really different. We take the grower’s unique crop strategy as a starting point. That results in a solution that allows growers to determine the direction and what is important.

Blog | Master of your own data?

An autonomous greenhouse consists of many components and domains, like robotics, sensors and data-driven installations, all of which must ultimately work together. Data is the connecting factor here, and is therefore very valuable. But who actually owns the data? And how do you reach agreements on this as a grower? Which agreements does Blue Radix have with growers about data ownership? You can read more about this in the Blog of Ronald Hoek.

Algorithms in the greenhouse, a black box for growers?

What does it mean to trust algorithms as a grower? Are you surrendering to a black box? You don’t want to trust something that you don’t understand. The question is: does it work that way? Do you not trust technology until you fully understand how it works? Read more in the blog written by Rudolf de Vetten, Chief Product Officer at Blue Radix.

BLOG | What horticulture can learn from the electric vehicle evolution

When electric cars began to appear about 10 years ago, the various market parties were busy developing their own own plugs, their own charging stations, their own ways of settling accounts with consumers. Complexity at its best. Fortunately, the market came to the conclusion that the growth of electric driving depends on good infrastructure and cooperation. In greenhouse horticulture we can learn a lot from this interoperability How and what? Read more in CEO Ronald Hoek’s blog.

Blog | How data quality becomes undisputed

We work a lot with data in the greenhouse. More and more. There are often problems around working with data where quality is almost always the reason. In this blog Ronald discusses the solutions.