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Blue Radix creates automated intelligence for almost all daily decisions and actions in greenhouses. With the continuous growth of the world population, the need for healthy food is increasing. The greenhouse horticulture business is currently scaling up on a global level. But this scale up cannot be achieved due to a lack of crop experts. We have a solution for these worldwide challenges: our algorithm-based solutions offer growers a digital brain for their greenhouse.

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Proven technology and services

We work with award winning technology and received several nominations for developments.

Awarded Dutch Data Science price 2017

The award was received for a data-driven energy management solution of AgroEnergy, controlling 300 CHPs at 130 greenhouses across The Netherlands.

3rd prize in 1st International Autonomous Greenhouse Challenge 2018

3rd in the world and 2nd place for artificial intelligence application, together with AgroEnergy. Better than overall winner Microsoft. The jury report said that our system was the only one that could directly be put into practice.

Nominated for Greentech Innovation Award 2019

Nominated for the prestigious ‘Innovation award’ for the unique high-tech innovation: autonomous crop management.

Nominated for RABO sustainability & innovation award 2019

One of the 30 nominated companies, selected from 400 applicants in 3 categories.

Autonomous growing: 

“I worked in the music industry in the early 2000’s when free downloads were creating chaos. Companies who embraced that change were able to adapt and grow. Needless to say I want to adapt and thrive my family business. That’s why I started with autonomous growing.”

Michael del Ciancio
DC Farms, Ontario, Canada
Tomatoes & Egg plant

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‘Servitization: an important innovation for the horticultural sector’

Jan van den Ende is Professor of Management of Technology and Innovation at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam and Professor of Horticultural Innovation. In the sector regularly discusses ‘servitization’:s a company’s transformation from product orientation to a service-oriented business model. As Blue Radix is a major proponent of the service-oriented model, we interviewed Jan on his vision for greenhouse horticulture from an innovation perspective.

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Online demos 27 May & 2 June | Autonomous growing in 6 steps!

During the online demos on May 27 or 2 June you will get a unique glimpse into the world of autonomous growing. And we’ll also inform you about the 6 steps of our phased approach for a successful transformation to autonomous growing in your greenhouse. Would you like to know if autonomous growing is applicable for your greenhouse? Read more and subscribe!

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