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Digital security risks are developing rapidly nowadays, and the greenhouse horticulture sector is no exception. Indeed, the risks may even be growing faster than the new opportunities digitization offers. It’s also essential for autonomous growing to guarantee the privacy and security of customer data. That’s why Blue Radix puts security and privacy policy high on its agenda, having set it up and organized it well right from the start. This builds on the team’s many years of experience with trading systems and data-driven services. Read about the security measures we take in this article.

“We work with business-sensitive data from our customers, so we have given very careful thought to the way we set up our security and safety,” explains Laurens van der Spek, COO of Blue Radix. “This goes far further than just using the Microsoft Azure Cloud platform. We ensure that this sensitive data remains safe in a number of ways, alongside the extensive security measures that Azure offers by default:

  1. We work with our IT partners to perform rigorous examination of just how we deal with security and privacy for all the solutions we develop. Our architects, security experts and development teams check everything: the architecture, our connections and even the way customers and colleagues use the applications: ‘Privacy and Security by design’.
  2. We receive information from our IT partners every month on whether and where we can improve our entire platform’s security. Our architects and teams review this advice and take immediate action where needed to improve our security still further in these areas. This means we are always up to date with the latest measures.
  3. Our platform is regularly tested for safety. This means that so-called ‘ethical hackers’ check whether our services and applications are safe, given any digital security developments, or whether we need to take action to improve this. We successfully performed the most recent Penetration (PEN) test this March.

“We never share customer data, in any form, unless the customer has granted explicit permission to do so. Regular updates, security audits and security training are standard procedures for us. We are also affiliated with the Glass 4.0 data protocol. And of course the European Union has its strict privacy laws (GDPR). We make every effort to comply with all these regulations, and we have a privacy and data statement which can be found on our website.”