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Crop science on a global scale

Looking for an opportunity to put your crop science skills to good use? Blue Radix solves the problem of feeding everyone on our planet using AI! We are looking for a Crop Scientist who can apply state-of-the art crop knowledge into working algorithms to support the daily operations in greenhouses all around the world.

You will be responsible for translating the needs of our international customers and partners in the horticulture market. Typical applications are greenhouse climate optimization, energy management, and irrigation optimization. You will help develop products based on advanced algorithms that have a positive impact on the business of our customers in the horticulture sector.

Ready to solve major global challenges with algorithms?

The world population is growing rapidly, and our planet lacks the resources to feed everyone in the traditional way. Greenhouses offer an efficient way to produce food and flowers in a sustainable manner. But the number of people with expertise of growing crops in greenhouses is declining every year. At the same time, greenhouse management is increasing in complexity.

New solutions are urgently needed. Algorithms can compensate for the lack of human expertise, because they can provide solutions to these global challenges: algorithms can actually feed the world! We offer growers a digital brain for their greenhouse. Are you eager to help us achieve this great ambition?

Your job

As a Crop Scientist, you help growers, energy managers and other horticulture experts by gathering insights from data, sensor networks and expert knowledge.  Your knowledge of crop modelling provides valuable input for our algorithms. As part of the Product Development team, you will:

What do you bring along?

You have been working as a Crop Scientist  for at least two years. During these years, you have developed a solid skill set:

Welcome to Blue Radix

Blue Radix is the AI-driven service provider and innovation leader in the international horticulture market. Our greenhouse clients aim to grow high-quality crops with good profits based on the latest technology. Our algorithm-based technology is being fully developed in-house by an enthusiastic group of data, crop, energy and tech experts. Together we design, develop and operate these algorithms to help growers worldwide optimize their greenhouse climate and reduce their water and energy usage.

Although we are a new company, we bring a lot of experience to the table. We believe in autonomy. Not only for our algorithms, but also for our team. When you work at Blue Radix, you contribute directly to our success. You are involved in the direction of the strategy; you are given professional freedom and you take your responsibility.

We seriously embrace diversity and equal opportunity. Our team represents a variety of backgrounds, perspectives, and skills. Do you feel different from our current team members and do you think you add something to the team? That’s great! Don’t hesitate – get in touch!

Why work at Blue Radix?

We form a team of highly talented, skilled and educated colleagues developing cutting-edge solutions. You fit in perfectly if you are looking for:

You earn better

We value your commitment with a complete package that values your experience and track record:

Send your resume and motivation letter in English to Rudolf de Vetten: Please write the motivation letter yourself. While we value the power of AI, we plan to hire a person not ChatGPT.